Island land Co. Ltd. achieved the 'Product Safety Excellence Award (PS Award) 2023.

Spotlight on your relentless commitment to ensuring customer safety.

Island land Co. Ltd., the manufacturer of Island land food garbage dryer, achieved the 'Excellence Prize (Jury Prize)' in the 'Small and Medium-sized Manufacturers and Importers' category at the 'Product Safety Excellence Award (PS Award) 2023,' sponsored by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI).

Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, JapanPS Awards

[About Product Safety Awards ]

The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan set up the Product Safety Awards in 2007 to support the private sector’s active product safety engagement in Japan, and to ensure product safety values become established across Japan.

The evaluation criteria encompass four aspects.

1. Framework for manufacturing or importing (sourcing and selling) safe products

2. Framework for helping users use the product safely
3. Framework for responding to post-shipping safety issues
4. Framework for building a product safety culture

[Business Description]

Research, development, manufacturing, and distribution of household appliances.

[Justification for granting the award]

Product design to prevent accidents caused by misuse.

To ensure safety even in households with children or pets, particular attention is given to controlling thermal energy, aiming for products that prevent accidents even in cases of misuse.
By designing products with a focus on managing potential hazards, they're equipped to halt operation during accidents like tipping over.
Incorporate features also prevent the heating components from reaching temperatures that could lead to fires or similar hazards.

Research on product accidents and safety standards, followed by implementing these findings into their own policies.

Information on product accidents, including similar products, is gathered, and internal company standards are revised based on these facts. Furthermore, there are no provisions regarding our products in the Electrical Appliance and Material Safety Law, which consequently lacks resulting test standards. Consequently, the company policies note that the minimum standard involves obtaining certification from relevant national and international public institutions. This information is broadly disseminated within the workforce, ensuring compliance.


Clear instructions to external partners to minimize manufacturing nonconformities

Special attention is directed towards potential sources of injury, such as burrs or irregularities, with the aim of minimizing their occurrence. This is consistently and comprehensively specified through clear instructions in the design drawings, supplier specifications, and quality standards. The focus is on designing tools in a way that prevents the formation of burrs and similar irregularities during the production process, rather than addressing them through additional modification.

"For details regarding the 'Product Safety Excellence Award (PS Award),' please refer to the following information."

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