Island land Food Garbage Dryer PCL-34EU

Island land Biomülltrockner in Tricolor mit Produktbedienungsoberfläche.

Drying - The solution to almost all problems with organic waste

・No unpleasant odors.
・Fruit flies are not attracted.
・No annoying dripping of kitchen waste.
・Your organic waste will be lighter.
・Hygienic collection and disposal.
・Use as organic fertilizer.

You will be amazed how your life will change!

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Island land Biomülltrockner PCL-34 in Tricolor auf der Küchenarbeitsplatte.

Outstanding beauty in your kitchen

Our Island land organic waste dryer has been designed based on the concepts "easy to use", "convenience" and "beauty in everyday life".

Very easy to use and compact in design, our organic waste dryer eliminates the daily hassle with kitchen waste. We have brought it to life so that you can finally approach your organic waste with joy.

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  • Island land Biomülltrockner benötigt keine Sortierung nötig = kein Aufwand & höchster Komfort.

    Simply easy. No separation required.

    Since the device works with warm air drying, it has no moving parts. You can put any organic waste in the device - completely carefree and without separation.This can be hard bones as well as seashells and even toothpicks. The device handles it perfectly. There is no extra effort.

  • Island land Biomülltrockner ist supereinfache Reinigung!

    Easy to use for everyone

    Simply collect organic waste in the basket and put it in the device. The drying process starts when you press the start button.

    Dry your organic waste without even having to touch it with your hands!

  • Kitchen waste up to 80% less heavy

    Dried organic waste is reminiscent of crispy vegetable chips or dry leaves.

    Because dried organic waste can no longer rot, there are no unpleasant smells, no flies and no multiplication of bacteria or other microorganisms that are found in moist (untreated) organic waste.

    Your kitchen will finally become a truly hygienic place.

  • Mit dem Island Land Biomülltrockner werden getrocknete Küchenabfälle nicht mehr unangenehm.

    10,000-fold multiplication of bacteria in moist (untreated) organic waste in less than 24 hours

    If organic waste sits around undried for just a single day, bacteria, fungi and other microorganisms multiply ten thousandfold!

    These putrefactive processes are the cause of unpleasant smells. Drying of organic waste prevents the increase of bacteria and stops decay.

  • Island land Biomülltrockner - Optimale Trocknungskontrolle

    Our patented P-System for optimal drying control

    Our proprietary P-System ensures high drying efficiency and the best possible drying conditions for organic waste with relatively little energy consumption. It perfectly adjusts the ratio of air supply, temperature and exhaust air volume. (Patent #5959129)

    In addition, the P-System calculates the optimal drying time for the kitchen waste. This enables shorter operation and saves energy.

  • Das Betriebsgeräusch des Island Land Biomülltrockners beträgt leise etwa 36 dB.

    Low noise. Carefree operation at night without disturbing your well-deserved sleep.

    The operating noise is whisper-quiet at around 36dB. Our device does not shred the organic waste, but gently dries it with a stream of warm air. You can operate it perfectly during your night's sleep.

  • Sammlung des Biomülls direkt im Korb.

    1. Collecting organic waste directly in the basket.

  • Hauptgerät auf Unterteil setzen und Betrieb starten.

    2. Place the main unit on the base and start operation.

  • Entsorgung der Küchenabfälle nach Abschluss der Trocknung.

    3. Disposal of kitchen waste after drying is completed.

  • Einfachste Reinigung des Korbs. Absolute Hygiene ganz ohne Mühe.

    4. Easy cleaning of the basket. Absolute hygiene without any effort.

  • Getrocknete Küchenabfälle sind perfekter organischer Dünger.

    5.Getrocknete Küchenabfälle sind perfekter organischer Dünger. go to manufacturer's website (external)

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  • Getrocknete Küchenabfälle mit Island land Biomülltrockner - Tropft nicht

    No Dripping

  • Getrocknete Küchenabfälle mit Island land Biomülltrockner - Stinkt nicht

    No Stinking

  • Getrocknete Küchenabfälle mit Island land Biomülltrockner - Keine_Fliegen

    No Flies

  • Getrocknete Küchenabfälle mit Island land Biomülltrockner - Einfach


  • Getrocknete Küchenabfälle mit Island land Biomülltrockner - Kreis Wirtschaft

    Circular Economy

  • Getrocknete Küchenabfälle mit Island land Biomülltrockner - Ohne Plastik

    Organic Waste without Plastic