Espuente GmbH

We bridge Japan with Europe.

Many of us perceive Japan as a high-tech country with cool products of highest quality .

Yet we tend to be flabbergasted whenever we go there – discovering countless products that are still totally unknown to Europe.
We will change that!

As a young and agile enterprise, we strive to introduce novelties from Japan to the European market. Our focus is on innovative products made by small and medium-sized companies while following our guiding principle: To exceed the expectations of our customers.
We are not a classic consulting agency, but a partner who deals with all the hands-on tasks that come with conquering new markets:

  • Market screening and selection of promising products for EuropeMarket analysis
  • Translations, for example user guides and websites
  • Import procedures
  • Compliance with applicable standards and regulations for the safety of our customers
  • Marketing and sales activities
  • Customer feedback loops that help us to improve our products and service continuously
  • Repairs of possible defects with the clear target of keeping our products up and running as long as possible. 

Thereby we work very closely with our producers/innovators in Japan and our customers in Europe.

Our guiding principles:

  • Environmental friendliness, for example by focusing on the repairability of our products at reasonable costs (circular economy), use of 100% natural electricity, electric vehicle fleet.
  • no plastic packaging whereever possible.
  • Lowest possible consumption/follow-up costs.Best customer service in the market - We have the clear goal of amazing you.

☆ Finally we introduce Japanese customer service to our home market!