Testimonial - Family K from near Frankfurt

"Living in an apartment, handling kitchen waste has become much easier."

What drove us to purchase the "Island Land Food Garbage Dryer"?

We had issues with waste disposal in our apartment: Initially, we bought a small container for storing kitchen waste, but it stored moisture at the bottom, became unhygienic, and was inconvenient due to its size, making cleaning difficult. Transitioning to a covered bowl for storage seemed like a solution, but it took up space, was visually unappealing, and left us dissatisfied. Unfortunately, we couldn't find a better alternative and had to make do with it.

Consequently, we found ourselves taking kitchen waste to the trash disposal area in our apartment buildings almost every day. Living on an upper floor made this task particularly tedious.

In summer, the waste containers attracted maggots, which I found truly distressing, especially when opening the lid and seeing the maggots.

Disposal of kitchen waste without plastic bags

In Germany, disposing of kitchen waste in plastic bags is not allowed. Even bioplastic is prohibited. Using paper bags didn't work as they would soak through immediately. Therefore, we carried the corrected waste directly in a bowl for disposal. As our building doesn’t have an elevator, going downstairs daily to dispose of the waste and then bringing back the emptied dirty container upstairs was truly inconvenient.

Impressions after using the "Island Land Food Garbage Dryer"

No more liquid leakage from kitchen waste.

The Island Land Food Garbage Dryer remarkably dries out kitchen waste. Since it remains dry and doesn't rot, I can store it in the kitchen for several days without needing to take it outside daily for disposal. It has proven convenient to use the simple paper bags I receive for free from bakeries or butcher shops when buying meat or baked goods to store and dry my kitchen waste. This keeps everything clean, without any additional expenses.

Container very easy to clean

The round shape of the container makes it easy to clean. Sometimes, dried waste adheres to the bottom of the bucket, but it cleans effortlessly by soaking briefly in some water with a splash of dish soap. Previously, I used a sponge dedicated to cleaning waste containers, but now, as the dried waste doesn't feel unhygienic, I use a regular pot scrubber brush for cleaning. There's no concern about bacterial contamination since dried kitchen waste doesn't decompose, halting bacterial growth.

Summary "Island Land Food Waste Dryer"

[Pro] Simplified waste disposal!

The biggest advantage of using the Island Land Food Garbage Dryer is the ease it brings to waste disposal. Living in an apartment like mine makes the constant trips downstairs to the waste container a torment. But now, the waste isn't dirty or smelly anymore. Especially without the tiresome daily trips, it's no exaggeration to say that the stress of waste disposal and even some mental pressures have disappeared.

[Con] Purchase cost

The downside is the price of the Island Land Food Waste Dryer. I hesitated initially due to this. However, considering the significant advantages in dealing with daily waste, I now see it as a worthwhile investment.

Advice for Potential users

You will be freed from all the disadvantages of troublesome organic waste disposal. For those living in apartment, taking out organic waste can be quite a burden, as it was for me. If you find yourself in such a situation, I highly recommend the "Organic Waste Volume Reduction Dryer." It prevents liquid leakage and reduces weight, making the disposal process incredibly easy. The significant advantage for apartment dwellers is not having to go out every day for waste disposal. It can stay in the kitchen for several days without smelling or rotting.

Response from Espuente GmbH

Thank you for purchasing the Food Waste Dryer. We are pleased to hear that using the device has made waste disposal easier for you.

With the purchase of the product, you receive a two-year warranty. Furthermore, all parts of the product are replaceable and repairable at reasonable costs, with the aim that our customers use it for an extended period. This saves money and the environment. Thus, your device becomes a long-term companion for your kitchen hygiene. Although the initial investment for the device may lead to hesitation, it shows in the long run that the benefits are often immeasurable.

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