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Island land Food Garbage Dryer with organic waste

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"Making Compost from Dried Organic Waste"

(Family S from Frankfurt)

What was the incentive for purchasing the Island Land organic waste dryer?

Organic waste x small children- Not always easy

As we live in the upper floors of a multi-family house, I had to take the organic waste to the communal waste collection point every day. This can be quite a long way.

Due to our small child, I often had to leave the house very quietly while she was sleeping to dispose of the waste without waking them up. Alternatively, I would only go out with the waste after my husband returned. It's a small thing, but since it's a daily routine, it was still annoying.

For this reason, there were times when we placed a small container for organic waste on the balcony. In winter and at low temperatures, it was okay to leave the organic waste there for a few days. However, in summer, to storage food waste on the balcony was not possible. We sought whether there was a good solution, and since we were also interested in composting, we decided to buy the device."

Practice! Experiences with the use of the organic waste dryer

Organic waste becomes crispy and fun!

Indeed, vegetable and fruit peels dry in an entertaining way when using the organic waste dryer. Opening the container after drying, especially with citrus peels like orange peels, is always a delight due to the truly pleasant scent. Things like enjoying the smell of dried organic waste were unimaginable before purchasing the dryer.


It is also great to compost organic waste.

To see how easy you can create compost from organic waste with the organic waste dryer is truly fantastic. We have small vegetable planters in the balcony and use the compost as organic fertilizer.

I might be mistaken, but since we started using the compost from the organic waste made with the organic waste dryer, the plants seem more vibrant, especially when the seasons change.

There is also a good feeling knowing that the compost comes from the organic waste of our own household. We know exactly what is in it and can enjoy vegetables fertilized with it without any concerns.

Once, I accidentally added fish skin to the compost without drying it, and it started to rot in the compost, making the later disposal quite cumbersome. This shows the benefits of using the organic waste dryer.

Summary Island land Organic Waste Dryer

[Pro 1.] The number of "trips" to the waste collection point has been drastically reduced.

Processing organic waste into compost eliminates the need to take it to the collection point. Even though we have been using the organic waste dryer for only half a year, the burden of waste disposal (including the time aspect!) has significantly decreased.


[Pro 2.] No more unpleasant feelings from organic waste.

Organic waste is no longer dirty, and the negative image has disappeared. We take pleasure in observing the crispy waste after processing and enjoying the changes in smell and form together as a family. I know it may sound weird, but you simply have to try it for yourself.

[Con] Size

We are a family of five, but since the children are still small, the current size is sufficient. However, as the children grow larger, the amount of organic waste may increase, and it could be that the size of this device is no longer sufficient.

Advice for Potential users

Organic waste turns into compost.

Try using dried kitchen waste to create compost. It not only saves the effort of separating organic waste but also cultivating vegetables on the balcony is a good for children's nutritional education.

Comment from Espuente GmbH

Island land organic waste dryers are particularly well-suited for compost as they dry organic waste at low temperatures, preserving the nutrients in the waste compared to dryers operating at high temperatures.

Dried organic waste binds with soil faster compared to non-dried organic waste, and in the summer, compost can be ready in as little as one week. Using planters for composting is especially suitable on the balcony as they are easy to make, without odor, and without worries about insects.

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