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Island land Co. Ltd. (ex. Shima Sangyo Co. Ltd.)

Island land Co. ltd. : Who we are and what drives us.

Island land Co. Ltd. (ex. Shima Sangyo) is active in environmental plant construction and has been pursuing the key objective of a clean environment to the highest possible degree. We deal with the planning, design and construction of waste processing equipment such as machinery for recycling or bulky waste processing or installations for the recovery of solid fuel from waste. In addition, we offer development, manufacture, sale and maintenance of various types of heavy machinery for the environmental sector, such as conveyor belts, shredders, compressors, compactors, sorters, dust collectors or deodorizers.

In recent years, we have increasingly designed and constructed environmental facilities, such as recycling and bulky waste processing units, on behalf of government agencies and heavy equipment manufacturers throughout Japan.

Why did we, as a construction company, develop our organic waste dryer in the first place?

Reducing the amount of waste is a social responsibility. At Shima Sangyo, we have thought about how we can tackle environmental protection at the stage of waste generation in private households, instead of understanding environmental protection only in terms of waste disposal.

By doing so, we understood that reducing the amount of organic waste is very effective for reducing the amount of residual waste. Because surprisingly, food waste (organic waste) amounts to up to 50% of the residual waste caused by households. What's more, organic waste consists of around 80% water.
Non-dried organic waste that ends up in the residual waste bin is equivalent to a huge load of water bound up in the waste, which, due to its heavy weight, is transported to the waste incineration plant at great expense and is ultimately burned there with a huge amount of energy being used.

This is very inefficient and causes high environmental costs. 

In addition, proper organic waste separation is increasingly becoming mandatory throughout Europe, with the goal of generating energy from organic waste at biomass plants and alike. At the same time, consumers are not given a proper solution that facilitates the collection of kitchen waste in a reasonably simple and hygienic way. Hence consumers often use plastic bags for their kitchen waste. Yet even if biodegradable plastic bags are used, they still have to be sorted out at the biomass facility. Because biodegradable plastic bags take too long time to rot and pose an obstacle for efficient kitchen-waste-to-energy processes at such biomass facilities. Our organic waste dryers provide the best solution for consumer's homes because dried kitchen waste does not rot and hence can be collected in a super easy and perfectly hygienic way - 100% without use of any plastic bags or other additional remedies - thereby contributing to a circular economy.